Sol Soleil aims to use cooking and baking as a way to explore new cultures, particularly Spanish and French cultures. Through the delicious flavors of everything from rich appetizers, main meals and desserts, Sol Soleil hopes to expose its readers and followers to cultures equally as rich.

While many of the recipes on this blog will be French or Spanish, there will also be recipes from many other cultures. Most of the recipes will also be gluten-free, or provide gluten-free alternatives because the author and many of the people she cooks for eat gluten-free.

The Author

IMG_7969My name is Casey, the author. I’m a junior in college studying Economics and humanities, and, of course, foreign languages and cultures. Outside of school, I love to cook and bake. While kitchen access is difficult when you live in a dorm, I try to cook and bake as often as possible when I’m home on breaks.

I began baking with my mom when I was very young, and then I expanded into baking on my own and cooking when I was in high school. Through this blog, I hope to take you on my journey learning more about cooking and baking, and I’m sure we’ll enjoy some delicious food along the way!